What is Burban?

Burban is a mobile-friendly website
(with an app in the works!)
that collects food, drink, and more specials in your area and displays them on a map you can filter by category and day of the week.

Why do you need Burban?

Because planning a night out should be easy and fun.
Not something that requires research.

What does Burban have to offer?




With only one city live so far, Burban has collected over 200 specials from over 100 unique businesses.

But don't just take our word for it.
See for yourself!

Burban Benefits Businesses

As a Business Owner, you know it can be hard at times to stand out from the crowd and get the word out about all you have to offer.

It can be tough while trying to keep up with all of the demands of a business, to maintain a strong web and social media presence that lets people know about your specials and deals.

Burban wants to streamline this process.

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