The best ideas for a product or service are the ones created because the inventor themselves wants to be able to use it.

Burban began from a simple concept:
A desire to quickly pull up deals and specials nearby, and have the information available to decide quickly where to go.
Gone are the days of clicking through multiple sites claiming to show you the specials, then switching to maps to see where the special is.
Gone is the frustration of realizing the special you think you’ve found is far away and inconvenient, and going back to start your search all over again.
At Burban, we focus on the why:
Why do people need Burban?

Asheville needs Burban.

Bursting with unique small businesses, visitors and users alike can have trouble digging through them all, causing businesses to get lost in the shuffle.

At a presentation by the Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2015, it was said of Asheville tourism that “one challenge is educating visitors about all there is to do in the area”.
Burban can solve this problem.

With a focus on clean, simple, organized design that keeps the user and their needs as its primary focus.
Burban displays all deals and specials that we find online.
Businesses can choose to opt out if they'd rather not be included.
If you're a business owner and you'd like to learn more about working with Burban, or the opt out process,

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Who is Burban?

Creator and Founder

Ailis Grosh

Burban began as a class project for Ailis her senior year of college. Inspired by a frustration when trying to find cheap drinks near by, Ailis decided to make a site that brought all deals and specials together in simple way: displayed on a map.
As a web developer, Ailis hopes to solve problems and make lives easier with user friendly design.

Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Hannah Williams

Hannah is a senior Public Relations major at the University of South Carolina. After studying abroad in London and always finding something to do, she came home to the opposite. Wanting to solve that problem she teamed up with Ailis to help people find something to do every day of the week with Burban.