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Burban wants to help you get the word out about all the great specials and deals you already offer.

What Can Burban Do For You?
It used to be that all you needed to make your business successful was to sell something people want, be it good food, good drink, or good entertainment.
Now, on top of that, it's necessary to have a strong web presence. People want to be able to find out about your business online.
can help with that.
Here's How:
Simple, User Friendly Design
Burban's focus on simple, user friendly design, gives it an edge on the competition.
We aim to provide enough information to help the user make their decision, but not so much that they're overwhelmed.
User Focused
By concentrating on how best to serve our users, we've figured out how best to showcase your business to bring in customers.
How Does Burban Operate?
Burban runs on a "Freemium" model.

This means that all of the deals and specials we collect, we will display, along with your business's info and a link to your website, for free.

Burban may list promotional offers, discounts, services and specials from various restaurants and bars from time to time. These promotions may be subject to expiration dates and may only be available to selected consumers.
Burban assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this data or the availability of any promotion, discount, service or special, which shall be at the sole discretion of the service providers listed on the Site.
User agrees to not hold Burban liable for any loss or damages they incur due to incorrect information on the Site.
You can learn more on our Terms of Service Page
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If you'd rather not be showcased on Burban, you can use the form at the bottom to opt out, or email us directly at Please allow up to 72 hours for your special to be removed. If it hasn't been removed after 72 hours, please contact us again.

Now, this may sound like all you need.

But so far, Burban has collected over 200 deals and specials, from over 100 businesses.
We want to give you a way to stand out.

To do this, we want to work with each business individually to figure out your needs and meet them.

Burban is getting ready to start offering promotional partnerships so you can get a taste of what Burban can do for your business.

Want to learn more? Email us directly at